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Zoolander reference here. :D

Lord Rhyolith starts with stacks of armor that reduce damage done to him. They are removed when he is made to step on active volcanoes. He goes into phase 2 when he is dropped to 25% health, regardless of how many stacks of armor he has left. Due to the fact that phase 2 is a burn quickly or wipe type deal, it’s ideal to get his armor down to 1 stack just as he transitions, although if done right he will most likely have a few more.This is mostly a DPS check since you can’t really stop stepping on active volcanoes due to the fact that the damage ramps up to an unhealable point eventually. So you need to just do the fight normally but damage him enough so that he phases before you make him lose his armor. You can’t purposely avoid volcanoes to keep his armor on and this is why it’s more of a DPS race.As far as never turning left, that part is easy.

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Because if he turns left, then he never meets the Doctor and then the Doctor dies and tons of crap happens like everyone in a hospital dying and the space Titanic crashing to the Earth.

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got this on our first kill without even trying. i guess this is another case of blizz giving an achievement for killing a boss the proper way.

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Be careful…if your group somehow fails this achievement, Lord Rhyolith might use his secret weapon (Magnum) and pacify the raid.

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This appears to be a bit of a healer check and a DPS check. A healer check because occasionally volcanoes will take a while to go down (if he spawns one just in front of him to the left, you then need to turn him all the way right instead of just a little to the left, which takes longer), a DPS check to get this process done as soon as possible, and both a healer and DPS check for phase 2 which may be considerably longer with this method — His phase 2 health is the average of his remaining legs’ health, but since you can only damage one of them and get it below 25%, he’s going to have a lot of health in phase 2. It’s like killing the elementium monstrosity while not doing any damage to two of the council members, though less healing intensive.

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Just to clarify this achievement, it does ****NOT**** refer to Lord Rhyolith’s armor STACKS on his feet, but rather his actual overall armor ARMOR. Meaning, if you get his armor stacks to 0 via volcanoes, do NOT think it’s safe to turn him left. You can not turn left at all in phase 1, and need to wait until phase 2 for the burn.

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I’m fairly certain that getting his armor stacks removed in phase 1 also fails the achievement. The last time we tried it on a kill before we did Heroic attempts, we had the achievement all the way until he activated a volcano in his path as we were doing our burn to phase 2 on the Right Foot. The volcano in his path removed the last 10 stacks of his armor and the achievement (as shown in the tracker) turned red indicating failure.

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This one wasn’t so bad. Just focus on keeping small circles (hard turns), wider turns and going straight to catch all the active volcanoes. Our drivers got us this one the other night.

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Tried this achievement with my guild on alt run this week.Although we didn’t fail,we didn’t get the achievement.Then we realized that RA addon doesn’t announce if it’s 51%-52% left or something on meter so you should be careful about it.Easy one but you will have to pay more attention.EDIT:You should DPS right leg only,when you want to drive him ahead (%50-%50) just stop dps’ing right leg and when he has 18 stacks of armor left,use Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp and nuke the right leg.It’s the best tactic so far.

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patch 6.0.3, 641 ilevel BM huntersomething strange happened:i kept attacking on right leg, but as soon as boss became active, my pet killed it when i was dealing with adds. i wasnt able to damage boss, and i didnt get the kill, the loot and the achiv note to myself: the leg doesnt mean the boss/cry

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